Thursday, January 13, 2011

What was I thinking?

Just before New Year's Eve I sat in my comfy chair gazing around the room at my yarn, etc. wondering what to work on next when I suddenly focused on the number of partial projects that were languishing about in bags, bins, baskets, etc.  I started counting them and came up with a HUGE NUMBER - 37!  I didn't even have to dig to find these.  2011 is starting out as a finishing year.

Some of these projects were almost complete, yet something shinier caught my eye and I raced off in the new direction and never looked back.  This seems to have happened 36 times over the last few years.  I hear about new year resolutions to give up buying yarn, fiber, etc. , but my resolution needs to be to try to focus.  

It is week 2 of 2011 and I have actually finished 10 of the projects.  One of the 10 I hated and have since ripped it out.  I have also started one project that is almost completed.  It is a hoodie for my grandson.  I'll show a picture of it when it is finished.

Actually, I'll show pictures of everything when I figure out how to load the pictures.  I got a camera for xmas so I could do just that.

I'm not committing to 'no new projects', but I am locking myself in to evaluate each one and either releasing it back into it's former life as skeins of yarn, or continue to take time to work through this mortifyingly enormous pile of unfinished intentions.  

I also have more ideas and plans pushing forward in my head, so I will be doing some of those also.  You're welcome to join me for the trip as I attempt to use up my fiber stash and ideas in this last portion of my life.  I have already completed the schooling years, the motherhood years, and the working years.  Now I am retired and able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Join me on my journey toward the Big Sleep.


  1. The Big Sleep? Dear god! You sound like you are cleaning out the house so you can die by the end of the year! I will come along on the journey, but you have to promise not to die.

  2. You aren't done with the motherhood years, no mother ever really is.
    I can't wait to see the finished projects. Your work is always so beautiful.

  3. Hey Lindsey..don't sound so morbid!! Just make sure you've infected one of your offspring or grandkids with the fiber bug, and your stash will be a great inheritance!! that was my grandma's approach!! ha ha ha! i hear you on the unfinished objects around..i have at least half a dozen socks that need pairs and more...
    Good to see you in blogland..i will be sure to keep up!

  4. can't wait to see the journey unfold-want to see those pictures!! good luck with finishing-startitis is such a major illness for me. gad to see you started a blog!!!!

  5. Only one post? C'mon! Say something! Post pictures! I'm out here.....waiting....tapping....

  6. Your blog name reminds me of Raymond Chandler! Welcome - I'm excited. Pictures are easy. Click on the picture icon and browse through My Pictures. Blogger does all the work for you.