Friday, February 18, 2011

Losing motivation

I seem to be in a bit of a slump.  I'm busy working on several things, but not very enthusiastically.  It may be the weather.  The rain and cold have returned and the house is cold.  We heat with a wood stove and it keeps the family room/kitchen area warm.  My yarn areas are far from the heat source so I have to assemble my projects and bring them into the warmth.  When it is cold it all seems to be a bit too much trouble, so I have been spinning and listening to  a couple of James Patterson's Alex Cross detective novels.
I saw a shawlette on Ravelry that appealed to me so I made it this last week.  I used a pair of sock blanks that I dyed at dye day at Sue Flynn's last year.  I had a bunch of the blanks and I gave some away for others to dye and use.  I knitted straight from the blank as I unravelled it and the kinky yarn makes the shawl look odd.  I need to take before blocking and after blocking pics.
My granddaughter Natalie came over yesterday for the afternoon.  She was home from school because of snow.  I went over and picked her up and before we were a mile from her house she had already decided the order of events for the afternoon.  We made chocolate chip cookies, then made popcorn, then watched Chicken Run.  After that she went outside with Nutmeg, the female corgi, and played in the rain and mud.  When Nutmeg stopped doing what Natalie wanted she was returned to the house and Dylan, the other corgi, was pressed into service and he got to be dragged around in the rain.  When Natalie got cold enough she came in and we made cocoa and watched Toy Story 3.  We then went to the barn and put the sheep away and fed the horses and llamas.  Then her dad came and picked her up.  A fun time was had by all (except the corgis - they hate the rain).
Sarah told me a funny Natalie story.   As dinner was served, Natalie gave the blessing :  "God, please don't let this food be poison because it sure looks like it is!"  This child cracks me up!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have I lost my mind?

I seem to have signed on for several KALs (Knit-a-longs for you Muggles) and now find I am having to keep up with them. This wasn't so difficult at the beginning, but as time marches on there are more and more stitches that need to be knit for every single row.  That would be every row x 3 projects.  You might be wondering how this didn't occur to me when I started them.  Well, it didn't.  Well maybe it flitted through somewhere, but it wasn't waving a flag or holding a big arrow or painted yellow, so I ignored it.

So why am I stopping to type this (you may well ask)?  I need a break from that taskmaster and fool that I seem to have lodged somewhere in my head.  That is the voice that urges me forward and onward and has no concept of the time and space continuum out here on the earth.  It lives in a womb of its own somewhere in my head and loves to make me crazy sometimes so it can giggle at me.  The big giggle at the moment is that these KALs are all lace on small needles.  Some stashbuster, eh?

Since Rachel is getting married and has chosen our Annual Egg Hunt for her Meet the Happy Couple reception, we have ratcheted up the our expectation of how this place should look.  There has been digging, dragging, wheelbarrowing, decision making and all kinds of stuff going on here.  It has all added up to hard work so it is going slowly. Sustained hard physical labor has never been a goal of this family so it is no surprise that progress is slow.  (Besides, I have all those stitches to knit.)

All the dogs got out today when the gate blew open in some heavy winds.  I was pretty surprised that none of them seemed all that interested in chasing sheep.  They were more interested in all the great sniffs.  We have had coyotes and a mountain lion cruising through the property recently and that keep the dogs busy tracking down the smells.

Considering what the dogs eat when they are running about, I am dumbfounded when they won't eat their dog food.  How could dog food taste worse than horse shit?  And why does rolling in the sheep stall make you smell better than shampoo?  Just a couple of Life's Big Questions.